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It's the angelic space relic/ to the letter I'm enveloped/ to develop exposure of your beard Tom Selleck/ for tell it like tarot/ brown the phonetic pharaoh/ who's believed to be conceived in a 78 Camaro/ never languid with linguistics/ breathe the mist of the mystic/ gentleman with dental dam in case you bitches missed it/ Olympic when I flip it/ check the bounce of my dismount/ scholar bout a dollar so I make sense when it counts/ watch me douse your spouse's blouse with babies by the ounce/ filthy emcees get deloused with these chemicals I shout/ hella irregular you hate though you feel it like eczema/ live and direct transmissions from the eagle nebula/ I'm tea bagging tracks with nutty sentiments I spat/ so when I bust on a microphone do you really want it back/ (disgusting) who be crushing your productions with eruptions/ bloke my style is so dope I gotta sneak my way thru customs/ let me tell you rappers something/ unless you quote my rhymes you ain't said nothing/ that is even worth bringing up in discussion/ I'm on levels you'll never meet like a vegan luncheon/ what I recite is bright like my tongue is made of tungsten/ your two coughs away from death and I hid the Robotussin/ think I'll use you chicken shit dimwits for a turducken/ welcome to the terrordome where survival's prone to be seldom/ bought as rare as an elderly German named Melvin/ well then, with wording I'm as musical as Weldon Irvine/ serving more tricks than magic lessons from merlin/ the whirlwind I'm known to fly off with niguz girlfriends/ one day in my world and she'll follow me till the world ends/ I'm curling adamantium like thin sterling/ iron man's leviathan pearling vega's louder than cerwins/ hurling shurikens a crown of flames earling serpents/ if nothing else I put on a show like Ethel Merman/ a people person like cannibals but less disturbing/ cause my rugs and drugs are imported and both persian/ and murdering me will never come to be for certain/ virgins couldn't find the heart with black market organ merchants


from Mr​.​Brown's Revenge (the mixtape), released April 15, 2014




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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