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Wholesale: Everything Must Flow​!​!​!

by Encyclopedia Brown

Warfare 02:35
I said....I come in peace, but you will leave in pieces... Hook: Cause when I came in the door my mind was thinkin' all out war/ I'ma settle the score, once and for all Repeat 3x Rappers on the chopping block after dropping off the crotch/ I’m lopping off the lot of tots who perpetrate they hot/ you’re perspiring a lot/ left to expire in a box/ retiring your flock/ it’s back to pushing cracks upon the block/ trigger pon cock/ got ya nigguz on watch/ my aim is on lock/ and ready for the onslaught/ cause hip hop is not your stomping grounds/ stick to the playground/ you found that I don’t play around/ I’m more likely to spray a round/ soon as the beef mounds/ I’m in your town with a pack of hounds/ bonded out the local pound/ toting frowns and fo’ pounds/ thorough mercenary so mercy’s a burden I don’t carry/ they’ll carry you on a stretcher if its even necessary/ cause I don’t just cap an adversary/ my flame thrower’ll fry a soldier down to his capillaries/ you’ll be a mass of ashes clashing with this massive bastard/ send you to your lair in Tupperware fuck a casket/ once I blow a gasket and reach for my hatchet/ I’m hacking chumps to chunks amassing clumps into a package/ the very fabric which I’m crafted is that of madness/ you’ll need your skin grafted since the I shit I spit is acid/ and you’re made of flaccid plastics I get love across the atlas/ at last I got it mastered now I plaster tracks with classics/ class me higher than the average/ up to legendary status/ every time I write a passage its viewed as a rite of passage goddamnit Hook
E. Brown: I do it like dynamite/ whenever I mine a mic/ real vagina like that’s what you sounding like/ simple Simon type/ never have his timing tight/ you’d think his real friends would tell’em he ain’t rhyming right/ never mind that his pants are tight and bright/ in some jean leggings got the nerve to hold a mic/ grown men dancing like kids is bullshit/ you dougie and you’ll leave here with a slick rick/ my oil’ll soil when I spit that slick shit/ with your weak pitch I rock out like cheap trick/ your bitch a cheap trick she eat dick like deep dish/ in the hood they call the hoe freaknic/ I’ll tell you a secret/ you’ll never defeat this/ compete my uniqueness/ theorize on my thesis/ boy you being facetious/ stop joking with the nonsense/ these rappers don’t want none like an overcrowded convent
Succession 03:23
I harpoon you cartoons like a great white/ spitting venom like I’m cleaning out a snake bite/ vocal dynamite my words so explosive/ if you dope then here a methadone dosage/ I roast kids like cannibals at a daycare/ if I’m in the house you couldn’t get a timeshare/ impair a snare put a break in a cast/ you recycle what’s likeable but it’s still trash/ you skin rash faggot this is herpes/ I’m the bitch killer prepare to be Brittany Murphy’d/ synonymous with being dominate it’s obvious/ you got a name for being better off anonymous/ check the hypothesis my science is preposterous/ I make hydrogen bombs from the napalm in my esophagus/ never monotonous abolish your conglomerate/ I vomit Haley’s comet my comments are rather monstrous/ vicious rhymes I could be accused of hate crimes/ rappers on the run like fugitives crossing state lines/ I’m a predator better alert date line/ and Arnold Schwartzeneggar at the same time/ I turn a cipher into a fight club/ twisting bear cubs like compact fluorescent light bulbs/ concepts hi-tech like a space hub/ and complex as Siamese twins trying to make love Hook: Run and tell the heads that I’m taking necks/ so when I come to collect there’s no disrespect/ that’s a promise I don’t ever make idle threats/ oh you rocking my bad thought it was my set.......Repeat For talking shit I’ll catapult my fist into your throat/ you couldn’t catch the beat if you chased it with a stethoscope/ Brown holds the crown for manipulating sound/ project enough energy to exceed a meltdown/ sinister with a sentence/ skillful as an apprentice/ I connect words like scrabble when I babble it’s relentless/ you nitwits ain’t gifted enough to understand/ I come off the head like climaxing during a handstand/ and cram syllables in couplets and influx it/ with intellect that most professors couldn’t keep up with/ and combust a cluster of lackluster busters/ cause a volcanic rupture with the strength that I muster/ the shotty’ll probably leave your upper body punctured/ I’m saying I take off spraying like crop dusters/ my lyrics are blistering/ withering you simpletons/ rendering adrenaline to anyone who listening/ disfigure your minions sending them to the ER/ chop they heads off and light that ass like a cigar/ in tournaments verbalists leave the premises in tourniquets/ my malice will manage brain damage that’s permanent/ I’m the surrogate to any style that you’re flirting with/ so productive I should get television advertisements/ impervious to nervousness worse than Ming the Merciless/ giving whoever’s close the holy ghost like church services, you heard it kids… Hook 3x
E.Brown: I’m on my grind like I’m out of my mind right/ 369 I get extra days when I write/ on some Pac shit like I’m out of time but the time’s right/ the whole world’s looking at me flattering limelight/ battle design type/ money on my mind like a psychic prediction/ green’s coming like a stop light/ pussy you not tight like my ex after last night/ and I just had a fight with my wife off Hennessey and ice/ put me up against whoever for whatever price/ I’ll snatch the purse and what’s worse it cost the jerk his life/ my work ethic’s like I said F it let’s merc the mic/ so what I recite’s flier than the perfect flight/ bigger they come harder they fall and you’re the perfect height/ once your throat’s slight it’ll be the perfect night/ I’m Charlie Sheen’s publicist I get the perfect hype/ and I’ma keep taxing until my reimbursement’s nice Hook: Ever since I was a young’un all I wanted was to be fly/ be high be my own man handle BI/ been that way since I was a knee high/ take a look into my eyes and you can see why......Repeat E.Brown: When they doubting you it brings something out of you/ drawing off the energy of everything surrounding you/ the drive is non-stop and the efforts insurmountable/ the need to win comes from within like a molecule/ it’s probably cool to slack if that’s all you ever wanted/ but for me victory is all I ever flaunted/ so I search for progress like the lochness/ and god bless me with opportunities and prospects/ and an armor that protects me in the process/ I’m on a conquest to redefine accomplished/ too smart to even start with the nonsense/ so I do my best to deflect negative comments/ and push on like a tackle sled though it hassles Fred/ when I take a sec and reflect on what that asshole said/ dead that I’m more than those that think less of me/ I gotta go I got a prior meeting with my destiny Hook Vocals: Wes Restless
E.Brown: Put your mic up for adoption/ whoever gave you props outta be shot in the cock/ and make that a doctrine/ I’ma Porsche you a Datsun/ need a friend to defend resurrect Johnny Cochran/ plotting like a cemetery/ spreading like a missionary/ ripping more messages than an angry secretary/ wait a second fairy you must be on pixy dust/ Tinkerbell you ain’t got a chance in hell to fuck with us/ you were altered boy when you were an altar boy/ that’s why you nutty as a semen drenched almond joy/ and for all your noise you really ain’t saying shit/ I’ll wreck your perfect record like the Giants did the Patriots/ anyone near this heat here’s getting seared/ I’m complex losing more kids than Brit Spears/ or Casey Anthony it’s amity for heaven’s sake/ I’m more dangerous than bath time with Andrea Yates E.Brown: Suckers is out of luck I cut they time shorter than wack Apollo acts/ I’m raw as porn you faker than Friday nights on cinemax/ sending cats back to drawing boards whenever I record/ disintegrating hordes/ your days are numbered like a scoreboard/ I’m oedipal to your motherboard/ a viral warlord that teleports through category 5 cable cords/ to boogie down to my productions you must learn/ at my most simple I’m Steve Hawkins conversing in lamens terms/ I pride myself on my intelligence for certainty/ you can’t tell me nothing like Donda West pre-surgery/ my wording’s a diorama/ so detailed you see the comma/ and more uncanny than a stroke killing Arnold Palmer/ I harm ya armor cause trauma when I palm a musket/ eating rappers by the hundreds puree them to hummus/ left’em flummoxed as I plummet in their girl’s stomach/ I’m 106 & park with the heart of teen summit Scratches: DJ Ambideckstriks
Psalm: I'm on the terrace eatin Garrett's/your label should be embarrassed..... I'm real talkin' it with the parrots Birds of a feather, skin so leather brothers hurtin I'm cookin up heaven just to be certain Bookin up pertinent seats to get my skyporn pics on You'll never be flyer than Miss Psalm Even with that lil fit on u paid too much bread fo' And with that lame ass nigga u gave too much head fo' E.Brown: Dagnabit I’m fantastic even when I don’t write/ I make rappers run in fright when I’m in sight holding a mic/ molding it like pottery gotta be the honorary oddity/ ornery you looking for dope step to the pharmacy/ no lie my word is still bond like Sean Connery/ you can’t handle the vandal so don’t think about disarming me/ harming me bombing me I’m more musical than Carnegie/ carnage is complimentary quash quibbles and quandaries…I know it’s not fair, so what, fuck ya’ll Psalm: Clown, We been around the circus, Fuck you losers up multipurpose It's absurd to learn ya fervor is a burger, cut it with that beef shit arrechera deader i'm a getter acquire all the head because I'm clever E.Brown: Live in your cd-rom/ with more character than Comicon/ your mom been on the rocket I call her Hakeem Olajuwon/ autobahn grace of swan you sputter and scuttle on/ you argued on I proved you wrong and ate points like an octagon Psalm: You a nip slip on worldstar overnight servant horizontal honcho I know ya type: work it Me and brown butter the pans to sautee you, filet you and save all the bones to marinate (ooh) Fish stock pop out the pot and get yo lid knock and I guess it's safe to say we got the squares up in a gridlock if not I bet you feel it all up in yo crannies, I'm comin to yo flat to check the spices in yo pantry E.Brown: Dribble literal visuals uncivil with these syllables riddles belittle you/ diddle you in moments you’re minerals/ minuscule imbeciles/ iksrdfo warn these individuals/ typical pitiful silly flows/ address’em like envelopes/ shit is critical from now on movements are pivotal/ so when I throw you from the stage the rage is hospitable/ transmittable radio banned criminals/ kizzy and brown the general/ go head jump on the genitals Hook: B6 ain't no other way to be Ain't no gettin rid of us Bitch its plain to see.....Repeat
Tape Kingz 01:44
I’m TDK, Maxell, Memorex all day/ used to sit and listen to tapes out in the hallway/ directional mode walkman for when the tape flipped/ end to end and begin again and never once skipped/ your shit was high tech if it told time/ pause button, fast forward and a rewind/ plus a bass boost good for lo-fi break loops/ and a battery light that’ll dim when it needs juice/ my first dubbed tape was done on a tonemaster/ 60 minutes had jam after jam after/ UTFO, Whodini, then Slick Rick/ Boogie Boys, yeah I just took it back on some deep shit/ I’m talking noise reduction high speed dubbing/ if your stereo had a recording level you was stunting/ these young bucks don’t know nothing about pause mixtapes/ or your heartache when your favorite cassettes ate/ I used to hate when side one’s longer than side two/ now I gotta fast forward stead of letting it ride through/ and if the tape snapped apply invisible tape quick/ I don’t know anybody who ever bought a splice kit/ niguz’ll dub it like it and still buy it/ you didn’t have to pirate it was good enough to try it/ unfold the inlet and read the credits and liner notes/ and if the rhymes were included then that was really dope/ some of them had a bonus cut/ like silent murder on It Was Written or Doggystyle’s G’z Up, Hoez Down/ if you bought the Cd it wasn’t found/ but mama always told me you better shop around/ Redman had a bloody tape right before his muddy tape/ Rae made the purple Masta Ace graced the yellow case/ I was the king of cassettes without a doubt/ especially after getting down with Columbia House/ 11 tapes for a penny who wouldn’t do it/ you be otherwise stupid if you chose not to abuse it/ I remember I got busted at Blockbuster Music/ with 8 tapes in my jacket fronting like I didn’t do it/ ask Leola Green she was on the scene/ I lied and tried to tell the cops I was just a rap fiend/ that loved my hip hop and pumped the tape til my tape stopped/ still that way to this day until my own tape pops
I got rhymes in the millions/ hotter sixteens than Brazilian cotillions/ listen pilgrim take cover under pavillions/ the nuclear I rear vaporize wives and children/ highly unethical when I get poetical/ methodical so technical/ potent and incredible/ every word is credible/ the phonetic recognition is legible/ the howl of each vowel sounds impeccable/ I impart smarts to the young and impressionable/ tutor the future you new rappers lack testicles/ should've fried they embryos with even seasoned vegetables/ the only time they flavor would've ever been ingestible/ they integrity on a whole is questionable/ spending too many nights with padre in confessional/ wasn't the hail maries that turned you to a frail fairy/ one glass of sherry and he smashed on your male cherry/ nails vary but the hammer's always on point/ I'm like a spike through watermelon arthritis in this joint/ or rigor mortis cause I'm killing it at this point/ brethren I’m the reverend blessing with lessons I anoint/ with no delay I relay dismay through mind spray/ those in the way of the fray I sock it to’em like laundry day/ you pretenders sound like hip hop for beginners/ niguz at the source buying mics like it’s guitar center/ I’m quick to spar and injure draw my scimitar and enter/ precise as I slice like a chef that’s a trained ninja/ magentas what your leaking/ when this avenger’s speaking/ son shined and he disrupted the whole evening/ I’ll leave your family grieving if you ever even contemplate conceiving/ breathing on the same plane as my teachings/ your body will disappear like veering into a wormhole/ put a circle on your shirt like Orko wide as a portal Hook: My voice is a Mac/ put a bullet in the back of the track/ pop a shot and watch the crowd react.....Repeat 3x The way the vocals sprung from my lung/ you would think my tongue was the barrel of a gun/ Teflon protection/ is needed for the recording device known as the mic/ turn the booth into a shooting range whenever I recite/ target practice transfixed upon data disk/ audio’s mixed by a ballistic specialist/ my specialty is being a fatal vocabulist/ who’s known to assassinate whenever he shoots the gift/ spit as if my words are possessed like apostrophes/ your motley colony’s a mockery of comedy/ punchlines deeper than grade school assembly’s/ flows fluidity got IVs green with envy/ indeed the synergy tween verbiage and energy/ is refocused into the dopest verbal elegies/ fella please you ain’t even worth the felonies/ ease a scapel to your abdomen like appendectomies Hook 8x
Refrain: Yeah it's on if i hit the off switch...Repeat 8x yeah it's on Hook: They want the raw shit/ real hip hop and not the sugar frosted/ if you’re not tight with a mic you’ll get accosted/ glow like Leroy Shonuff ya lost it/ I’ll shut your company down now who the boss is/ get crucified for just trying to cross this/ Phil Jackson running triangle offense/ here to make a difference and end the nonsense/ fuck what you on homeboy this is the off switch Okay I kill it then grill it/ or sauté it in a skillet/ you can feel it when I heal it my power I don’t reveal it/ hard enough to conceal it when I go on a pillage/ the blood tillage from my word spillage submerge a village/ it be your illness if you wanna refer properly/ I’m sorry your life’s in trouble as I monopoly/ drop the top of the crop to mock your hypocrisy/ you cock a glock I’ll cop a rocket to plop on your property/ man I’m obviously possibly the most arguably startling quandary targeting vomit that you’re harboring/ father my own following like family twitter colonies/ if the girls ain’t swap swallowing they’re piss wallowing/ wada bada bing/ I’m controlling things like I had Mandarin’s rings and peeling your skin like tangerines/ bang skins like tambourines/ keep the panties dampening/ if I see tampons, I’m not tampering/ you ain’t heard a thing swing batter swing my pitch is a no hitter/ meaning no nigga could ever configure this here spitter/ my chitter will litter your thought planes terrain/ reconsider your vigor when I shit on your brain/ my spit is acid rain/ your plastic melting down the drain/ you’ll be shamed I’ll be famed the crowd is entertained/ say my name I’ll turn your first born into the star of a snuff porn/ just so I can have something to bust on Hook: They want the raw shit/ real hip hop and not the sugar frosted/ if you’re not tight with a mic you’ll get accosted/ glow like Leroy Shonuff ya lost it/ I’ll shut your company down now who the boss is/ get crucified for just trying to cross this/ Phil Jackson running triangle offense/ here to make a difference and end the nonsense/ fuck what you on homeboy this is the off switch The art of rap presented by god’s gift to drum tracks/ I’ve been doing this shit since reel to reel and ADAT/ if that’s the best you can do you can keep that/ you got beef then they’ll find you on a meatrack/ man I eat cats like a buffet on Melmac/ I’m worse than a drunk office clerk when I drop facts/ in uniform form I construct the unseen like a unicorn/ you’re bunker than a penitentiary dorm/ put a hole through your soul that would shame a tuba horn/ I’ll rain on your parade your whole brigade will look weather worn/ I’m demented your diminished the battle is finished/ in a matter of minutes I ruin your hopes of descendants/ and my flow’s tremendous you ought to get yours amended/ quitting rapping altogether’s also recommended/ with a resplendent penchant for coming different/ my lines one of a kind the ink’s finger printed, and I mint it Hook: They want the raw shit/ real hip hop and not the sugar frosted/ if you’re not tight with a mic you’ll get accosted/ glow like Leroy Shonuff ya lost it/ I’ll shut your company down now who the boss is/ get crucified for just trying to cross this/ Phil Jackson running triangle offense/ here to make a difference and end the nonsense/ fuck what you on homeboy this is the off switch Refrain: Yeah it's on if i hit the off switch/ yeah it's on if i hit the off switch/ yeah it's on if i hit the uh, it's on if i hit the uh, it's on if i hit the off switch.....repeat 3x it's on if i hit the......
In the night I take vengeance/ vampire true blood in every sentence/ my imminence is known/ the respect is shown/ clones gather round like drones whenever I zone/ I roam on a microphone to galaxies unknown/ touch souls of aliens with radiant poems/ with a gradient of color retinas have yet to discover/ type of bright that even Stevie could wonder/ I proceed to bleed blunders/ undertake and take under/ reign of the tech you’ll see the lightning feel thunder/ me I feel hunger/ that’s odder than Felix Unger/ cause I just ate every fake rapper like ponder, rosa/ don’t ponder you can’t come closer/ I got all the style you’re suppose ta/ you don’t wanna oppose da/ adversary that’s a walking military/ if I was an x-man I’d draw power from the dictionary (damn) Hook: Tell me who’s the nicest in the cosmos/ if you don’t say E you’re surely full of compost/ you’re now listening to hip hop’s last hope/ spitting dope ever since he was a zygote (true).....Repeat Any feedback will make the friction carry/ the static will make your name cling to an obituary/ visionary, plenty reasons to fear me/ leave you with a glass eye if you don’t see it clearly/ cause clearly there’s a miscommunication/ and you didn’t get the communiqué from your local station/ I’m the leader of a loco nation/ an organization bent on world domination/ or devastation that’s dedication famine and infestation/ I just had a revelation/ I’m revelations but in wave manipulations/ I bring Armageddon to tracks for recreation/ my reputation inspires all prior reservations/ and blooms a brain tumor from the dire frustration/ I’m too throwback for your flux capacitation/ and too futuristic for you to reach this destination/ I was destined for desecration/ make the best lose rest til they’re dead from deprivation/ I nab cats while they cat nap get a cat capped/ like Jerry putting Tom on a mercenary contract/ combat you don’t want that/ so unless you got a parachute fall guy better fall back/ or falter from lack of counterattack/ I’d rather get head from a piranha than hear you rap/ I grip mics with the might of strife in lyrical fights/ facing me’s a s deadly as a knife in your windpipe/ I defy odds/ nullify gods/ got you stuck holding my dick like Magneto giving Colossus a handjob (oh god!) Hook Scratches by A Little Rooster
lyrics not available (sorry) ummm hey i did say from 2007 lol


Encyclopedia Brown presents a return to grassroots hip hop further solidifying his impressive discography and placement amongst rap's elite. Featuring the underground smash "2 Many Rappers (Not Enuf MC's) with Sam I Am the MC!!!

Link for 2 Many Rappers video here:

Link for Bionicle video here:


released April 17, 2012

featuring: Sam I Am the Emcee, Don Profit, Doomsday, Psalm One, DJ Ambideckstriks, A Little Rooster

production by: Piecemakah, J Arthur (of the WHOevers), A Little Rooster, Tall Black Guy, Kenny Keys, and Encyclopedia Brown

Recorded & Mixed by Encyclopedia Brown at The Lab




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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