Mr​.​Brown's Revenge (the mixtape)

by Encyclopedia Brown

Intro 01:17
It's the angelic space relic/ to the letter I'm enveloped/ to develop exposure of your beard Tom Selleck/ for tell it like tarot/ brown the phonetic pharaoh/ who's believed to be conceived in a 78 Camaro/ never languid with linguistics/ breathe the mist of the mystic/ gentleman with dental dam in case you bitches missed it/ Olympic when I flip it/ check the bounce of my dismount/ scholar bout a dollar so I make sense when it counts/ watch me douse your spouse's blouse with babies by the ounce/ filthy emcees get deloused with these chemicals I shout/ hella irregular you hate though you feel it like eczema/ live and direct transmissions from the eagle nebula/ I'm tea bagging tracks with nutty sentiments I spat/ so when I bust on a microphone do you really want it back/ (disgusting) who be crushing your productions with eruptions/ bloke my style is so dope I gotta sneak my way thru customs/ let me tell you rappers something/ unless you quote my rhymes you ain't said nothing/ that is even worth bringing up in discussion/ I'm on levels you'll never meet like a vegan luncheon/ what I recite is bright like my tongue is made of tungsten/ your two coughs away from death and I hid the Robotussin/ think I'll use you chicken shit dimwits for a turducken/ welcome to the terrordome where survival's prone to be seldom/ bought as rare as an elderly German named Melvin/ well then, with wording I'm as musical as Weldon Irvine/ serving more tricks than magic lessons from merlin/ the whirlwind I'm known to fly off with niguz girlfriends/ one day in my world and she'll follow me till the world ends/ I'm curling adamantium like thin sterling/ iron man's leviathan pearling vega's louder than cerwins/ hurling shurikens a crown of flames earling serpents/ if nothing else I put on a show like Ethel Merman/ a people person like cannibals but less disturbing/ cause my rugs and drugs are imported and both persian/ and murdering me will never come to be for certain/ virgins couldn't find the heart with black market organ merchants
verse 1: Okay I’m cooler than 20 fans blowing in a freezer fam/ Bobby Drake howdy shake the hand of the iceman/ icicles storm when I start to perform/ and I get more ladies wet than lesbian orgy porn/ too much style for you/ an animal going wild on you/ whether it’s fashion or just splashing a vowel or two/ so many clothes I could open up my own boutique/ so many flows I could do workshops for new techniques/ redefine unique every time I speak/ too busy living the dream to ever get any sleep/ I’m super chill trill as teal coup de villes/ my bars like a retard with SARS, stupid ill/ now tell me how you feel?/ anything other than frosty then ya lost me and you ain’t being real/ yet and still I’m the hottest thing on the market/ and also the catharsis for anybody arctic Hook: cause I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails oh hell there he go again talking that shit/ man I mean ice caps tundras, opposite of summer I’m as cool as one motherfucker can get verse 2: I make the ladies feel relaxed/ recline’em on they backs/ play a couple tracks while we blaze a couple sacks/ then I’m on the attack/ must’ve been the jack/ cause I went from neck rubbing to tugging her bra straps/ and I’m off that so to hell with small chat/ I’ll explore you like a store, when I maul that/ yeah I’m all that, but I ain’t gotta brag though/ I knock the pussy out first round, Glass Joe/ a rascal, moves like Jagger on the dance flo/ slip on Giorgio’s you sambos in sandals/ an ample/ sample of preambles for you vandals/ pathetic when I wax poetic you can’t hold a candle/ the body of my text is as impressive as a Lambo/ suited and booted spaced out brother like Lando/ probably why I scoop the damsels by the handful/ and keep’em foaming at the mouth as if they lips was hand soap verse 3: I'm an awesome dude to meet/ smooth as sade on a beat/ always puffing on some heat/ I'm so high I'm out of reach/ rolling with a bag of treats/ keep a caravan of freaks/ minivan full of sneaks/ and an alluring mystique/ the elite/ you're now in the presence of a shiek/ on my arm is a bomb that's petite, ghetto chic/ hello peeps/ I'm sorry that you had to deal with creeps/ want that new new?/ I got that doo doo that you seek/ take a peek/ this the purest product in the streets/ creamy as potatoes and leek/ you geeks is obsolete. yeah I found it/ that magic that'll leave the world astounded/ gather round it/ I'm shocked too, it's hard to stay grounded/ copacetic/ keep my composure so majestic/ I outta send my royal crest instead of a press kit/ eclectic/ for freshness I'm the final vestige/ I bet them eskimos still know what vato not to mess with
verse 1: Who aint I nicer than/ I'll ice ya man like immigration holds on a mexican/ my text expands like changing font lettering/ veteran better plan or come up with a better plan/ these kids won't come to term with it miscarriaging/ my caravan will tear ya band/ so grizzly its embarrassing/ the way we bust caps you'd think we fancied nancy karrigan/ apparently I'm blaring frees with diction and clarity/ firebreathing rhymes that snap spines like celery/ haunt wack emcees like tmz stalks celebrities/ you couldn't amaze if you made corn with frankie beverly/ the type of master of ceremony you only read about/ flying more knots than a plane full of eagle scouts/ without a lighter I get higher than an eagles house/ climb altitudes soar over heads like an eagles spouse/ words I purge are transferred into a banshee's shout/ you'll get pulverized to suicide battling's tantamount Hook: Heavy is the head that has to hold the crown/ worn befittingly by the deity known as e brown/ scientist with the sound what I spit will astound/ ask the locals am I loco they'll say bro don't fuck around verse 2: I hold the crown like a purple bag/ blunted off a purple bag/ seriously I'll hurt you fags/ stunting with an urkel swag/ my left jab will draw more blood than a fresh stab/ throw punks in the trunk and turn a car into a death cab/ the way I take flight will leave a mic with jet lag/ you shouldn't brag your words hold as much weight as a wet bag/ how many styles have I surpassed is what you best ask/ know I ain't kidding in the kitchen like home ec class/ oh what you mad/ cause I'm styling jerk/ temp service and I guarantee you gone get dis work/ my exerts got mo soul than gerald levert/ or the eyes of his dad who's still sad his son went first/ what my pen burst funky as moldy liverwurst/ an basically a key component for the known universe/ so when I drop a jewel space gains another molecule/ and any being emceeing is no longer valuable
verse 1: No I don't want to say I hate you but it’s hard to hide the fact I'm pissed/ all this back and forth was starting to drive me delirious/ I was hoping this time we could get a little serious/ let our feelings show instead of acting so mysterious/ I'm furious/ I wanted us to live luxurious/ I know we could've pulled it off don't say you wasn't curious/ but you kept on doubting it/ like I was known for counterfeit/ and every time I countered it an argument came out of it/ nothing I could really do but sit here like a silly fool/ gave you space but missing your face just made me miserable/ time will heal the wounds but forever the scar'll stay/ lying to the next cause with you is where my heart'll lay/ I'm sure you still think of me when alone on a rainy day/ 69 shades of brown is steamier than any grey/ but anyway I don't wanna reminisce about our tryst/ half the time I barely wanna acknowledge that you exist Hook: foolishness/ I wish my heart wasn't adventurous/ then I wouldn't be constantly caught in these predicaments/ if I had a dime for every time I said that sentiment/ I’d be enriched with regret but at least the wealth was legitimate verse 2: Lovesick and the thought of you makes me nauseous/ the situations ugly but honey you still so gorgeous/ should've recognized that look in your eyes and been cautious/ but I'm a pyromaniac so this matchup is flawless/ aww shit damn yo my heart is like a candle/ crying shame I'ma hold a flame for this damn hoe/ trying to get a handle but I'm dying for a sample/ daydreaming how you kept that cat balder than Panthro/ I swear these new girls don't do nuttin for me/ other than nuttin for me blowing me when I be horny/ but they ain't got nuttin on you like a eunuch orgy/ see I'm an open book but you that's a different story/ you so indifferent towards me not how it used to be/ our feelings used to have a mutual consistency/ but now we don’t see eye to eye like blind enemies/ growing apart because of our negative energy verse 3: It’s time to pick my head up/ I’m starting to get fed up/ this shit has got me throwing fits and I don’t like this getup/ for now you got the leg up/ I wish my conscious shut up/ I ain’t clueless just abusive it’s myself I setup/ cause I do it over and over and never letup/ you would think that I enjoy it cause I never give up/ and every time we split up my heart you restart to rip up/ a hard pill to swallow and guess who just got the hiccups/ man that square one theory ain’t a fair one/ I should’ve seen the signals like you had a flare gun/ yet I just ignored it/ and now I’m paying for it/ I’ll take the lesson I learned and in turn pay it forward/ toward my new crush/ next on the express bus/ I mean somebody oughta reap the benefits of us/ and at least I won’t run into you so that’s a plus/ but if I your relationship status changes I’ll be crushed
Ay yo I roll with a league hunting emcees like quarry/ shout out to my peoples that shit’s obligatory/ middle finger goes to that punk nigga Cory/ who flaked on that ride but that’s whole nother story/ flex with the special effects bet they award me/ I whimsically make fantasies look gory/ take ya dream girl and treat the bitch real whorey/ the baby ain’t mine slime we can call Maury/ me I never lax/ dissolve and scald tracks/ don’t insult the sultan or molten lava raps/ will fall upon ya backs and smash you into ash/ you hanging by a thread that’s thin as an eyelash/ who am I you ask? Oh please don’t flabbergast/ you cats got a lotta heart until I bypass/ dice you mice slice rappers like pie graphs/ take a toll on the soul of you trolls, I-pass/ A B thought he could see E and D laughed/ you stupid fuck nut you wouldn’t touch an I-pad/ I ride down on your crew like a bike path/ guns drawn bullets falling hard as an avalanche/ executive branch/ you never stood a chance/ emcees are delicacies and they’re easily blanched/ the devil’s new dance/ is a holy nuisance/ plant my john in a cougar’s melon camp/ my compelling rants sound like demons yelling chants/ and the grandness expanded when eq'ed through amps/ I honored to bond with/ spirits like tonics/ demonic/ murdering kids like Tonya Thomas/ my sonnets are bubonic and blue bonnet/ gems in my hymns are synonyms for astonished/ defy logic as I harness the power cosmic/ turn this microphone into a full blown comet/ diabolic/ melodically dichotic/ produce collages of colors like dried vomit/ that take shape and form an abnormal composite of a hobbit on a gauntlet for gold goblets
verse 1 the microphone analyst/ stanzas so cancerous/ that consumes boom that exhumes mega amperage/ manuscripts are as priceless as damocles/ you wusses are octopuses and can't handle it/ dynamic wit pass me a breakbeat I bandage it/ iron rhyme siren firing banter like banana clips/ on some frantic ish/ innocent onlookers casually hit/ wreck ciphers and get sued for punitive damages/ man or myth/ I'll let you decide as I spit/ I'm a character one might even say hieroglyph/ I exist to show the best that they best ain't shit/ it's not a quip come equipped or your best bet's to quit/ how many sonnets of phonics must I accomplish to flip/ before your conscious admits/ my vernacular's accurate/ to prove I'm that dude I'll exude syllabic grit/ till I'm the last man standing like I won the bachelorette Hook: I get p's why cause I'm always on cue/ they say e ain't nobody fucking wit you/ she got d's then imma have ta see what it do/ smoke an l and bail after this w verse 2: Very particular/ I kick it hard enough to fracture fibulas/ that’s why you wouldn’t cross me if we was perpendicular/ reconsider this spitter’s spits bitter as vinegar/ classy as calligraphy and nasty as Caligula/ the E is either for encyclopedia, emperor/ or extinction for the distinction of how I’m ending ya/ and if you try to fly away I’ll still get rid of ya/ with a beam in the sky like the Thundercats insignia/ nigga ya betta walk/ stop being hard headed like Silverhawks before I splatter your thoughts/ all over the boardwalk then quickly teleport/ how I kill you when I’m killing time at a resort/ I contort the truth/ non-fiction loses it's friction/ the only time you nice is in a parallel dimension/ couldn't flow if you suffered from water retention/ while with seamless precision I seam dreams to the rhythm
verse 1: We started at the same pace/ now you in last place/ doggone it I know you’re haunted bout how you fell from grace/ but you made the mistake of integrating with them snakes/ and all it got you in return was a bad break/…now look at you, you’re in sad shape/ emoticon paragon crying with the mad face/ I don’t know how you wake up without going about/ smashing every mirror you leer into when you leave the house/ your whole existence is a joke/ in hell like a fresh drag of cigarette smoke/ yet you front like shit is lovely/ but the truth is truly ugly/ 5 to 1 son that you’ll be a drunk or a druggy/ and that’s the ongoing bet amongst your high school buddies/ it’s funny we could fund your funeral with all the money/ I feel like such a dummy for thinking that we was boys/ once I stepped out your shadow the love was null and void Hook: But since I stopped fucking with you, I’m much better now/ can’t believe I looked up to you and you just let me down verse 2: Now as a young'un i swear to god you couldn't tell me nothing/ thick as thieves you and me at any given function/ but even back then i'd begin to notice something/ you always tried to play niguz to the left fronting/ like you was BMOC and we was little munchkins/ treat your peeps thinking shit was sweet like overeating muffins/ you're a bad friend for fucking your friend's girlfriend/ but let us touch one of your sluts now it's a problem in gotham/ cause batman found out that robin/ had catwoman on her knees gobbling his goblin/ i bet that causes disdain for your inner Bruce Wayne/ take your main squeeze and turn the skeez into a group thang/ front like shit is lovely/ but the truth is truly ugly/ 5 to 1 son that you’ll be a drunk or a druggy/ now money I’m not saying that I wish you’d die/ but I got 5 G’s saying you won’t see next July
verse 1: yo I’m not super political and it might sound bogus/ 32 years old and I’ve never voted/ but I don’t believe in making uninformed decisions/ so a lot of you trash rappers are lucky to be living/ I don’t recycle/ Never really read the bible/ I know a few scriptures heard some stories that were likeable/ I recognize there’s a higher power and all that/ it was written, it was told, my past thoughts recall that/ I’ve been shot at and robbed, betrayed and double crossed/ imprisoned but my wisdom’s vision of faith never loss/ I’m willing to toss pride aside in order to floss/ cause my son deserves more than his mother’s next divorce/ possessed by a force/ riding through the night on a horse/ wielding a torch/ searching for the beast that consorts/ the devil contorts it’s features to blend with the morts/ look again at him who slyly grins and snorts/ life isn’t a sport/ so don’t play it like there’s a rematch/ you can die lying in your ride with the seat back/ or at mickey d’s choking on a dry big mac/ stepping out the shower on a non-slip mat/ and somewhere a rappers scrapping up for a ten sack/ dreaming of the year they’ll be revered for their syntax/ a future aids patient just slipped off his jim hat/ the one thing in common they all did it to this track Hook: When I step on stage I take flight/ soundman make sure my mic sounds right/ I could rap all day about how I’m nice/ but that don’t tell you jack shit about my life/ people wanna hear your struggle and strife/ you ain’t a real warrior if you ain’t ever fight/ just let me shine don’t steal my light/ I want my casino and a paradise verse 2: I doubt if I wed/ I’m good at lying off the head/ here’s the truth no lie, don’t believe a word that I’ve said/ I’m out for the bread/ you in my way I’m at cha head/ flash the glock and you’re shot faster than famous celebs/ by the paparazzi/ I get dome like neo Nazis/ my pops smoked crack so am I dope well I gots to be/ guilty by association/ one of my boys is a mason so now I’m illuminati nation/ you fools is freebasing/ red herring chasing/ read a couple blogs filled with misinformation/ in the wrong hands knowledge can be a dangerous tool/ there’s plenty of graduates that still need to be schooled/ I keep cool and prevail/ evading jail cells/ burning brain cells/ slaying bells as my main vein swells/ hard to tell who’s practicing what they preaching/ who’s just speaking and who’s actually teaching/ who’s within they means and who’s really reaching/ who plateau’d and who’s far from peaking/ I plot the whole year I don’t live just for the weekend/ I battled through shallow and swam my way to the deep end
Prone to act wild and unruly/ the vampire off sapphire with fangs made of rubies/ my looseleaf’s like sheet metal shot out a uzi/ I do newbies like floosies/ my cipher’s a movie/ cinematic cutting room floor reels no edits/ your favorite emcee gets murdered in the credits/ dim the lights when I sacrifice I need ambiance/ your torture will be more plush than a five star restaurant/ I dice the raw up like a sushi bar who you to spar/ I don’t doubt it your judgment must be clouded, hookah bar/ when I’m in the building, call the fire marshal/ my jawn’s a runway in Milan you’re a sale at marshall’s/ I’ll put parts of you in parcels/ spill your blood on the stage and turn your little concert to an art show/ god awful and find it impartial to be harmful/ shove my rock of love in the core of a whore from charm school/ born savage war addict/ tore the fabric from a corn maggot/ for a doormat it was formatted/ cyborg guerilla tactics/ I’m pass the semantics/ frantic set fire to heads like matchsticks/ you can’t match wits/ you wanna step to this/ save that shit for a dance clique that match fits/ with such wackness you embody the need for practice/ put a dick in a box make your care package a casket/ I threw mother nature’s ovaries in easter baskets/ that were handcrafted like the work of origami masters/ niguz ain’t got nothing for me/ read you like a book, you shook, end of story/ turn the page I turn a phrase make you turn away/ a tourniquet wound round your abdomen and vertebra/ breaker 1 9 I’ll make your dime my little two way/ my macking’s like trapping I’m running through a bird a day/ jokers are hopeless convinced they the dopest/ even with an optometrist them novices couldn’t focus/ my documents opulence will galvanize the populace/ inciting paralysis unseen by neurologists/ predicated thought patterns’ll shock a psychologist/ melting down the foundation of this nation’s metropolis/ capable of the most relatable records makeable/ you and your ghostwriter’s abilities, debatable/ what’s saving you from the onslaught your two cents bought/ autobahn flow you got the torque of a go kart/ she likes my wristwatch put my fist through ya bitch twat/ she’ll see more loads drop than a hooker at a truck stop/ you suckers of cock forgot here’s a reminder/ and rude awakening combined ta make ya refine ya lines finer/ mine are diviner rhymers fibers aligned in grinders/ the track so well done when I’m done you hear an oven timer
verse 1: The mystic with that cystic/ sadistic verbal liquid/ rather kismet when I’m rhythmic/ so you know the gods meant it/ impressive as an imprint/ selling out when I’m in print/ nag champa banter man the mic’s smoking like incense/ so intense in any event contents I invent/ are so fly, it’s no wonder why, I don’t leave footprints/ I’m convinced that what I disperse betters the earth/ sunlight from my windpipe blooms the flowers in the dirt/ it’s more than just words/ allow me to demonstrate this verve/ you’ll be fascinated fixated upon what you observe verse 2: I feel like everybody rap the same so what’s in a name/ especially since my pedigree put many names to shame/ but if you rapping lame then how am I the one to blame/ I guess when you spot a sure shot you gotta take aim/ but I’m sniper trained/ and half orangutan/ so before you blow my brains/ I be done flipped and broke your frame/ like it’s sugar cane/ until granules are strained/ I’ll make a slurry out your blurry bloody ass remains/ I don’t spit for fame or critical acclaim/ I do what you hear to set other careers aflame…(flame sound) I gotta flambé u niguz, sample break..till eternity continuous no stopping this verse 3: The automatic systematic/ independent democratic/ flip the fat shit/ spit it ratchet/ grip the hatchet/ split chu bastards/ hit cha hazards/ stitch the fabrics/ lift a mattress/ dick an actress/ sip an acid/ glyph a tablet/ rip a passage/ trip a savage/ this is magic/ mixed with madness/ bad as malice/ with a mallot/ I’m an avid diction flipping addict/ knitting wit in satin/ sat on Saturn/ shat a pattern/ heads open like jack-o-lanterns/ I hammer all the slatterns that gather at local taverns/ bring’em back to my cavern and that’s where the stabbing happens/ climaxing in madams like my javelins mad at’em/ got a passion for ass smashing and classy fashion/ smoking hash and making cash that’s everlasting
verse 1: They say crime pays well my rhyme slays all contenders/ delivery is dated berated return to sender/ objective to injure like liquor and coke benders/ I go in when I do it and over do it like bingers/ remember simba floor your roar to a whimper/ frenetic with kinetics and alphabetically limber/ syllable gymnast exhibit phonetic fitness/ my vocalistic exercise regimen’s endless/ pensive, pencil sentiments that garner interest/ comprehensive learning’s needed when reading my sentence/ my train of thought on a track is self conductive/ your convoluted music’s reputed as unconstructive/ I shine like my iris is diamond encrusted/ put a hole through a pussy like a muff on a musket/ entrusted with the ruckus cause I keep it one hundred/ plus I got a pet peeve with emcees that’s redundant/ the stench of their corpse is gloriously pungent/ surviving the game lame rappers get hunted/ like tracy marrow I’m as regal as a pharaoh/ flex a bicep and my elbow throws arrows/ careful fore I mash your mass into a trash heap/ I’m cold and cunning calculating like mathletes/ it’s looking mad bleak for these fag freak lab geeks/ concocting hip hop that’s a tad weak/ as soon as the lad speaks over a bad beat/ you may wanna prep your resume on a draft sheet/ the face of tomorrow all you niguz is last week/ ain’t talking bout shit and your lyrics is ass cheeks verse 2: The arch assassin while you lamping/ I’m camping in front ya mansion/ penning anthems with a cannon inside of my Helly Hansen/ screw a ransom since it’s random I’m sure they will pay handsome/ otherwise this guy will die from rapping lame and dancing/ the game needs a revamping/ performance enhanced champions/ confess to Oprah who’s doper and those medals you hand in/ with reckless abandon panting something so entrancing/ I be ranting with enchanting off the head strength like Samson/ they scrambling for work/ ain’t worth they weight in dirt/ all these jerks is rocking skirts like ya grandmother in church/ I’ll slap away that smirk/ knock you out that blousy shirt/ where you boldly trying to go bro you ain’t fucking Captain Kirk/ with the reaper you now flirt/ close your eyes and hit this purp/ it’ll take away your breath look down and now you’ve left the earth/ hey at least it didn’t hurt/ consider that to be a perk/ cause I’m prone to go berserk make surf and turf out of you twerps
verse 1: I need money like last week/ endorsements like athletes/ yeah a fast cash streak/ burner in the trash heap/ just had to blast a geek/ took his mac book and his iPhone/ grabbed his wallet he got brolic put one in his dome/ I fled home head spinning fast as a cyclone/ all alone in a zone no light’s on as my mind roamed/ lost in my thoughts rocking back and forth/ but can’t seem to thwart seeing his face contort/ total silence, except the beat of my heart/ stomach uneasy still queasy cause I barfed in the park/ I gotta get a grip it wasn’t pose to be like this/ the plan was he hand it over and I casually dip/ what he ain’t read the script?/ why this bitch have to resist/ I panicked for a split second in that second he was hit/ fucking shit I should’ve stuck with this rap hustle/ now the rent is the least of my troubles Hook: Cause dues is getting paid, but what about the bills/ I wanna make some dough yet I wanna show my skills (Repeat 3x) Do you even know where I'm going/ dressed in all black like the omen verse 2: I mean it feels like I been rapping forever though/ and I’m nowhere near terrible/ so why the fuck haven’t I blown up is what I’ll never know/ every time I do a show they say bro you’re incredible/ I walk in a nobody and I leave out on a pedestal/ but that don’t equal revenue/ at least not enough to make you fully nut up and arrivederch your work schedule/ so I slang that medical although I don’t have medical/ I only go to the hospital if the pain’s unbearable/ everything isn’t shareable/ but I’m real so I’ll let it go/ so you can be proud of me as you constantly see me grow/ I’ve come a long way fasho/ you can hear it in the flow/ from rookie, to tough cookie, to fucking amazing Joe/ but even so/ woe is me my dough is really low/ I’m either gonna pimp a hoe or become a gigolo/ that was the decision I came to a couple weeks ago/ so hopefully it changes for the better yo verse 3: Same shit same asshole/ another day another hassle/ they trying to overthrow the king from his castle/ send me to the gallows/ judging me with they gavels/ bill collectors neglect ta respect ya pathos/ they thinking I won’t snap though/ like for the nice guy that’s unnatural/ but in reality it’s factual/ I never thought I’d be pushed all the way to the maximal/ my id off the grid instinctually animal/ me against all like John Rambo/ dire frustrations sublimating as ammo/ mind of a veteran that wakes up in camo/ with a thirst that kills like dehydrated camels/ I reek of jack daniels drunk, trying to muster up/ the guts to hunt for my first victim stick up/ and I think I’m in luck/ I catch a schmuck coming off the bus/ I follow and tell’em put his hands up
(Brown) My venom send’em back to ER stat/ I reenact a cardiac attack on tracks the demons hatched heaving an axe/ believe in that my semen splat on your queen’s steaming rack/ drenched the cat as if kitty fell in the tub and took a nap/ you’ll gleam when you’re slapped/ I’m Bruce Leroy when you boys jaws is tapped/ I got the glow you got glowsticks and wanna battle rap/ I’ll dismantle that/ what you call ego once you channel that/ with a loss so in depth not a ref in the world would challenge that/ no, no don’t stop him let him go ahead and see his death/ like he failing a hearing test/ sulfurically searing flesh/ right here’s the best/ you and your bestie will get bested by the better vet/ or better yet the monster in your silhouette/ I’m still a threat/ disintegrate ingrates in a millisec/ thoughts I manifest infest your sect psychically infect/ professor X and weapon X with the science of Robotech/ use dark energon to power the jargon in my dialect/ my ions flex to form a shield deflecting anything you yield/ such an evil fucker my cock ring should be the seventh seal/ even keeled though I even kill what isn’t still/ I instill nothing but the real from waves to reel to reel…my shit is unreal
(Brown) We In public i know you love it/ i can tell by the way that you hug it/when i plug it bet i stuff it/ bust it open like an overpacked luggage/dig my pita so deep in that hummus/ and get chu drunk off my southern comfort/ yeah i drug it when i does it/ sex addict, mike douglas/ and i thug it fuck rugged/my memoirs outta be published/ i'mma crush it as i thrust quick/ and enjoy how juicy your lust is/ hard as rustic/ and when i pull out put it right up in your mouth as i clutch ya tits/ whether top of the car or back of the bar/ makes no difference to me where we are/ mouth to mouth like it was CPR/ smoking that sticky green tar/we was at wet when you gave me neck went to the bathroom and whipped out my threat/ by the time we left you was short of breath/ could hardly walk face dripping with sweat/ shiiit i know i'm mannish/ black and spanish/ doing damage/ painting walls like a new canvas/ munch that clit like a fish sandwich/ yeah it's nasty and it's trouble but i'll do it on the double/ plus i don't have a problem showing a crowd just how i love you
verse 1: I rhyme as if I was sent forth to smash shit/ the gods put me in alignment with the planets/ skin of granite bones made of alien alloy/ the alchemy I deploy will destroy your convoy/ an asteroid hurtles through space shaped as my face/ crashes lands and expands laying cities to waste/ eradicating your armies to a palm of debris/ I arrive pleased denizens brought to their knees/ bow before your king kiss the ring or be beheaded by a single swing/ skin cinged from toes up to nipple rings/ the simple things I cherish/ like leaving you embarrassed/ makes my motivation for intimidation apparent/ there’s no safe haven from this abomination/ the bitch hazing switch blade raising grim raven/ put a bullet thru your mullet and upset the situation/ you muppets should never fuck with the master of mutilation Hook: You heard of this kid brown his styles a million miles away/ in another galaxy is where they say the brother stay/ how he always bring the futuristic shit in present day/ on the real you won’t believe half the things the he has to say verse 2: I put so much energy in my audio epiphanies/ flip the script like a gymnast joining the ministry/ mentally embedded telekinetic abilities/ levitate as I meditate in a state of tranquility/ overnight satellites are used as rest facilities/ got baby mama drama in macrocosmic vicinities/ reaching my coordinates/ requires galactic ordinance/ and a rag tag group of suicidal subordinates/ but it don’t matter cause they’ll never capture nautilus/ powered by the black magic of ancient Jupiter sorcerers/ commandeered by a group of weird Nordic warriors/ reanimated sealing the fate of any that war with us/ conquering your flying fortress and all it orbits/ puffing orchids eating squid and broiled swordfish/ the hexameter leader’s procedure resembles Orpheus/ more than just a flow I vortex on the unfortunate verse 3: The interstellar far from mega with the acapella/ opera tailor beautifully woven symposium terror/ suppose I’m forever because I represent a golden era/ my science’s fiction you couldn’t make up with mascara/ mad clever the pen’s a sword and you’re severed/ bring ya whole team I guarantee they’ll leave half better/ my vendettas got me trimming out you trendsetters/ while bending minds and time designing shrines with letters
I’m as awful, as pink tacos with blue waffles/ a walking debacle/ one man Gestapo/ you soft as gelato/ pussy as Hef’s grotto/ my poems in the Smithsonian and DuSable/ a marvel/ lost my marbles/ my mind’s carnal/ stuck, like barnacles/ lighting up, like carnivals/ inhale the chronicles/ scribble some old bionicle/ laconic colonic flow/ still disgusting as dominoes / I’ve been flowing since the CTA had tokens/ so a battle with E should be the last thing you’re provoking/ keep it on the up and up we know you downlowing/ you the type to like to take a swim in Frank Ocean/ rappers I troll’em dissolving their sugar coating/ they bout as hip hop as Dwight Yoakum/ 24 karat mic toting/ so my voice sounds golden/ liquid crack sipping, green crack smoking/ it doesn’t take me a lot to get a crowd open/ well spoken what I woven’s symphonic as Beethoven/ I’m not gloating but my spit got your bitch soaking/ I’m the motherfucker that she walks around quoting/ you got two jobs to give her all she can imagine/ and now your work schedule equals our fuck patterns/ cause I be balls deep in your madam while you’re at’em/ she rubs my dick like it’s the lamp of Aladdin/ slam the bitch like Bob Backlund on your sheets made of satin/ in your crib eating braised short rib playing Madden/ and you can blame me when shorty ass start to fatten/ but if she get pregnant, that’s all you captain/ cause while you skeet up in her and treat her like a winner/ she massaging my feet treating a nigga to dinner/ and I don’t even like that bitch she just a ho bro/ when she cling to my cock ring I call her Frodo/ these flakes basic and don’t know the basics/ ghostwriters inspire they lines and they trace it/ vampires so the biters will never face it/ I expire you liars the reciter of greatness/ skip the monkey business for I go ape shit/ vaporize the planet and take off in a spaceship/ I’m Marty McFly so excuse my lateness/ I be fucking ladies throats till they need neck braces/ penthouse bound and I came up from the basement/ so bourgeoisie little cuties I be dicking abrasive/ the vagrant/ wasted my cannabis quite fragrant/ no patience whenever I drink I never pace it/ I lace it or rather baste it with something tasteless when I grace it/ so inhale nascent amazement/ once you’ve seen the terror I bring you can’t erase it/ haunting memories like encounters with child rapists
verse 1: Ok I move it, set the motion/ debo your devotion/ you’re just a comedian but right now we ain’t joking/ what the fuck you smoking/ that Walter White I’m hoping/ cause that’s the only thang that would explain why you was locing/ me oh I be toking/ fallopians I’m poking/ yo bestest look pathetic my hoes athletic like Oakland/ now let that fact soak in/ surgically attach my Trojan/ behind a dime I come in piece good grief I’m Vulcan/ you shouldn’t be approaching/ unless you killed Goten/ I’m Majin when you close in/ imagine when I’m open/ rhyme like I’m designed with divine hemoglobin/ I take over the globe and/ rule like I was chosen/ studied under ronin that I watched like wonder showzen/ the grand sultan of boasting/ you chocha hosers posing/ this potion got me vogueing/ these psychedelics potent/ awoken now I’m moping like I spent centuries dozing/ take another dose and psychosis starts eroding/ I’m Christopher Wallace meets Christopher Nolan/ the way that I be coasting when I vibe derived this notion/ revolving door theory, no matter what I go in Hook: Vibing off the top I know its sounding hot the motion is kinetic you can bet it never stops verse 2: I’m vehement round deviants they’ll be no deceiving this/ so hostile with a vowel they outta file grievances/ I redeem extreme the farthest thing from any previous/ from the heart I season it so loves the main ingredient/ that means that my credence is, never for the lenient/ fueled by the cesspool I don’t know what they see in it/ think I need to breathe a bit/ ingest a wretched cheeba hit/ my sickness is obvious, symptoms are secretive/ bless it till it’s seething bliss/ heat it to a steaming mist/ only thing iller you could hear would be in fever pitch/ go ahead be a bitch/ I’m nasty like my semen itch/ if AIDS still exists then fighting me still ain’t the easiest/ I kick that old mischievous exhibitions in evilness/ genius intravenous flowing scenic need a screen to spit/ I don’t even know why half these crocks still ain’t opt to quit/ I guess they feel constant failure’s still an accomplishment
verse 1: My mic is like sword to the spinal cord/ spit the best you’ve forged your poor scripts get scourged/ according to urban lore/ due to my report with metaphors/ I’m more dangerous than dinosaurs in guerilla war/ swore off emceeing to give rappers breaks/ so they won’t lose face like Michael Jackson after ‘88/ you’re camping at crystal lake/ my papermate’s sealing your fate/ making speakers detonate soon as the bass resonates/ the ambience I flaunt is upper echelon/ beyond wreck the affects are effective as a megaton/ crowds remain calm even as I palm napalm/ just to hear the next text I flex into a song/ wise vagabond traveling the sands of Babylon/ with a tascam and a black can of krylon/ more mettle than cylons/ fire as Dylan/ grip your throat till you croak with my cybernetic right arm Hook: My rhymes are divine I design them with ease/ I’m a miracle compared to these pitiful emcees/ they not in my league/ it’s bogus they’re atrocious/ all they do is blurt a bunch of words with no focus/ until I drop my next opus, shit is hopeless/ cause even with a coke balloon they couldn’t drop dope ish/ you get away with wack crap and think that you clever/ yeah whatever/ you can run but you can’t hide forever verse 2: The source of energy for my soliloquy’s somewhat a mystery/ to any scientist studying it’s origins history/ I’m simply a transient entity with the ability of molecular mimicry/ I shape shift instantly/ evoke fear and tears into queer peers and enemies/ pierce skins with pens tattoo your skeletal symmetry/ making me bad to the bone when ink a poem/ you’d shit a garden gnome if you knew half the shit that I be on/ like human sacrifices with pre-hominid devices/ drinking the blood of druids while I make music in private/ I spew neon fuschia ooze on you loser crews/ toxic vomit turn conglomerates to groups of goo/ a substance with the consistency of pate a choux/ throw you cads in a piping bag and make treats out of you/ did i mention that i practice the blackest magic too/ to put you back together they gone need some fucking magic glue verse 3: This venomous deliverance/ of audio carcinogens/ is blistering to simpletons disassembling sentiments/ my penmanship sails on waves of musical instruments/ symphonic synth phonics/ and cacophonic dissonance/ melodic eminence/ a quixotic experience/ vernacular trafficker with addictive sentences/ listening to me routinely mentally benefits/ my mind’s as powerful as emperor Menelik/ horrendously killing it/ injuring your syndicate/ the maverick/ advocate of crap rap censorship/ you effeminate care bear cousin affiliates/ couldn’t shine even if you wrote a rhyme in filament/ diligent pure as an infant’s mental innocence/ brilliant kicking freestyles as deep as the iliad/ I assemble it then reconfigure fore you remember it/ manipulate data till matter switches images


Mr. Brown's Revenge, the long awaited sequel to 2004's mixtape Brown Sound Vol. 1 featuring Longshot, Psalm One, and DJ Rice the Sound Transmitter and a various array of producers


released April 15, 2014

Recorded by Encyclopedia Brown at The Lab
Mixed by Mulatto Patriot
Enjoyed by You




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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