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Santa Vs. Brown feat Don Profit as Santa (prod. by DJ Alo)

from Christmas Rap by Encyclopedia Brown



Santa's Verse:

Sometimes the holiday season makes me sick/ let me tell ya a lil sumn bout ya boy St. Nick/ I know it all look like beatutiful the glamour the glitz/ but on the real y'all Santa got some beef in this bitch/ don't nobody know how much it cost to feed reindeer/ I lost 50 acres of land to global warming this year/ damn elves went on strike trying to organize a union/ on top of all that me and the Mrs. ain't doing it/ but all that I hear about is can I have/ then you give em what they want and people still be mad/ the fuck you want me to do/ I got a worldwide flight/ on 2 different hemispheres in the same night/ hauling round gifts and spreading the good cheer/ I know you can't wait for Santa to get there/ and all I'm trying to really say is cut me some slack/ before you find something in ya stocking dirty and black/ you little ingrates


Man fuck you santa/ hey, fuck you kid/ fuck you santa/ hey fuck you kid/ fuck you santa/ hey, fuck you kid/ fuck you/ fuck you/ fuck you/ fuck you

Repeat 2x

Brown's Verse:

Lemme tell you lil something bout ol saint nick/ ol saint nick can eat a old saint's dick/ always coming down the chimney with the same ol shit/ another wack christmas with the lamest gifts/ if i get one more tie or package of socks/ i'll cock the hammer on santa shot'em right in the crotch/ i've been waiting for this bitch since six o'clock/ imma rob this marg for that new xbox/ ol red suit wearing cookies on a plate nigga/ lazy ass work a day a year face nigga/ but he's gotta be white cause he's always on time/ and he breaks into homes but it's still not a crime/ he runs a sweatshop with underpaid little people/ truth be told, santa claus is kinda evil/ i know it sounds bogus and it might be wrong/ but that piece of shit had this coming for too long

Repeat Hook 2x

Santa Vs Brown Verse:

SANTA: Got a thermos full of egg nog spiked wit Amorreto/ now you know Big Santa going straight to the ghetto/ come slide down the chimney and what do I see/ but a nosy lil mufucka looking at me/

SANTA: See that's the shit there that keep you on the list/ you lucky I showed up to even give you shit/ lil pants dragging snot nose/ wanna cut class/ good grades get good gifts/ get it stupid ass/

SANTA: You should know more respect to your almost dad/ I'm the reason why this time of year ya mom's so sad/ lemme hit you wit a factoid you did not know/ she seen my North Pole she a Ho ho ho/

SANTA: well it happened/

BROWN: yeah I doubt it/

SANTA: what you mad, talk about it//

BROWN: fuck that whatever's in the bag you leaving here without it/

SANTA: hell naw what you thought/ you was finna punk santa/ i suggest you move back in a real smooth manner/

BROWN: yeah right whatever Santa I'll call the police/ and tell em that you tried to kidnap me in my sleep/

SANTA: listen real talk santa still on probation/ and i gotta be careful in this whole demonstration/ so you can have the bag and everything in it/ you done already put me behind 11 minutes/ now imma just leave cause it's time to take flight/ enjoy ya christmas gifts buddy, good night

BROWN: aight then fasho santa i appreciate this/ i guess in the end you ain't that much of a bitch/ but man wouldn't you know it when i open my gifts/ its a bunch of boxes full of reindeer shit

Repeat Hook 2x


from Christmas Rap, released December 17, 2013
produced by DJ Alo




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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