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muchbetternow (prod. by 9th Wonder)

from Mr​.​Brown's Revenge (the mixtape) by Encyclopedia Brown



verse 1:
We started at the same pace/ now you in last place/ doggone it I know you’re haunted bout how you fell from grace/ but you made the mistake of integrating with them snakes/ and all it got you in return was a bad break/…now look at you, you’re in sad shape/ emoticon paragon crying with the mad face/ I don’t know how you wake up without going about/ smashing every mirror you leer into when you leave the house/ your whole existence is a joke/ in hell like a fresh drag of cigarette smoke/ yet you front like shit is lovely/ but the truth is truly ugly/ 5 to 1 son that you’ll be a drunk or a druggy/ and that’s the ongoing bet amongst your high school buddies/ it’s funny we could fund your funeral with all the money/ I feel like such a dummy for thinking that we was boys/ once I stepped out your shadow the love was null and void


But since I stopped fucking with you, I’m much better now/ can’t believe I looked up to you and you just let me down

verse 2:
Now as a young'un i swear to god you couldn't tell me nothing/ thick as thieves you and me at any given function/ but even back then i'd begin to notice something/ you always tried to play niguz to the left fronting/ like you was BMOC and we was little munchkins/ treat your peeps thinking shit was sweet like overeating muffins/ you're a bad friend for fucking your friend's girlfriend/ but let us touch one of your sluts now it's a problem in gotham/ cause batman found out that robin/ had catwoman on her knees gobbling his goblin/ i bet that causes disdain for your inner Bruce Wayne/ take your main squeeze and turn the skeez into a group thang/ front like shit is lovely/ but the truth is truly ugly/ 5 to 1 son that you’ll be a drunk or a druggy/ now money I’m not saying that I wish you’d die/ but I got 5 G’s saying you won’t see next July


from Mr​.​Brown's Revenge (the mixtape), released April 15, 2014




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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