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A Miracle At North Riverside (prod. by Kenny Keys)

from Christmas Rap by Encyclopedia Brown



Every time around this year it’s like impossible to shop/ you might catch your grandpops fighting in the parking lot/ upright citizens is bitching and complaining to the cashier/ who’s at the register about to break down inta tears/ yeah the Christmas rush you work retail it’s a must/ that’s when consumers are sooner to spend all of they bucks/ and you can trust/ that you’ll get overtime with a plus/ but it comes with a whole lot of bullheaded fuss/ case in point I’m at riverside in the foot locker/ watching this manager trainee get treated improper/ by this rugrat’s mama who’s ready to go to war when/ she finds out they don’t got her son’s size in Jordans/ meanwhile a group of teens is in the corner on a scheme/ stuffing everything they find without a sensor in they jeans/ security hit the scene/ attempting to intervene/ and that’s when shorty and his mama ran a screen/ why she kick the stroller at’em and they trip trying ta pivot/ the stroller tips over and out hops a damn midget/ who’s running with her after the teens screaming wait up/ he catches up/ the tallest kid reaches down and picks him up/ they heading to the exit and I’m cracking the hell up/ cause the midgets on a cell yelling bring around the truck


from Christmas Rap, released December 17, 2013
produced by Kenny Keys




Encyclopedia Brown Chicago, Illinois

A prolific MC and die hard hip hop enthusiast, Encyclopedia Brown keeps listeners on their toes with slick punchlines, fluent vocabulary, & dynamic wordplay. An 80's baby, Brown came up during the "Golden Age" of hip hop, penning rhymes and honing his craft as a teenager. A charismatic persona, plus a natural ability to command attention, equals an impressive performer worthy of any audience ... more

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